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Hadlow Fields Campsite & Activity Centre
Fairy Trail

Fairy Trail

We are pleased to welcome a small group of fairies to Hadlow Fields. They have been busy building new houses and installing their fairy doors with plans to build a new housing estate ‘Pixie Plots’ next year.

A Fairy Trail booking includes use of Fairy HQ (refurbished Mole Hill Shelter) that has tables and benches that can accommodate 18 Rainbows / Brownies. Also included are a series of nature based activity sheets for your unit to completed in the fairy trail area, Fairy HQ or as you explore the rest of the site. Please though be respectful of anyone camping and do not walk across their campsite unless they say it’s ok to do so.

Your booking lasts for up to 1hour 30mins, which is enough time to explore all the Fairy Trail and complete some of the activity sheets. The cost is £3 per person, which includes a Fairy Trail Badge and should be paid at the time of your visit.

An adult MUST accompany children at all times in the trail area and smaller groups work best around the trail itself. Please note this a quiet activity area so we don’t disturb the fairies!

The Fairy Trail will be open from April through to the end of October, but as this is in a wooded area the light levels are at their best during the summer months. Please take this into consideration when planning the time of your visit.

Guides, Rangers and Trefoil Guild are also very welcome to book to visit the fairies, but the activities in the packs are aimed at younger girls.

N.B. Please do not publish pictures of the fairy trail – we want to keep the magic alive for others to explore for themselves! Please don’t visit unless you’ve booked.

Badges are only available to those who book the fairy trail. Thanks!