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Hadlow Fields
Campsite & Activity Centre
Onsite Activities

Onsite Activities

Games Store

In the Games Store you’ll find a range of giant sized games including Jenga, Connect Four, Giant pick up sticks, dominoes and lots more! There are also play parachutes with game book; an assortment of balls, hula hoops, space hoppers, cones and catching games.  We also have Cheerleading activity material, skipping ropes sets; large jump and rounders sets.

Circus Skills Box

We have a circus skills box suitable for all ages with 80+ items.

Bushcraft Box & Dutch Oven Box

In the bushcraft box there are flint strikers, honey stoves (mini wood burning stoves) with one person cooking sized pans and bushcookers (mini wood burning stoves) again with one person sized pans.  Our Dutch Oven Box contains 1 x 4litre cast iron Dutch Oven, 1 x Cast iron frying pan, 1 x cast iron fridge, tripod and chain, pan trivet and pan lid lifter. 

Hammocks & Tarps

We have 5 DD Hammocks and 5 Single person tarps with ridge line and guy ropes plus one  5m x 5m group tarp.

All of the above can be booked using the Equipment Booking Form

Traversing wall

We have a massive length of traversing wall which has been added to our beautiful Orchard wall. It’s a great way to introduce climbing to all ages and abilities and entices young and the young at heart to have a go!  The wall can provide the opportunity for users to use it for a 10 minute ‘break’ or you can play games focused on team building skills.   For everyones safety all users must be supervised by at adult at all times. Please see our Traversing Wall Conditions of Use & Risk Assessment 2020

Adventure play area

The Adventure Play area is a real hit with all age groups, with rope walks, balance board, log weaves, rope net, Burma bridge and leap frogs poles. Use it for free time or use it as part of an activity to develop teamwork or trust where a patrol or six could be challenged to get around all the equpiment while holding hands or whilst carrying a cup of water between them. For everyones safety all users must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please see our Adventure Playground Conditions of Use & Risk Assessment 2020


For more information about equipment available for hire and booking forms, please visit the Booking area.