Hadlow Fields
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40 Trees for 40 Years at Hadlow

40 Trees for 40 Years at Hadlow

For Hadlow Fields 40th Birthday year we are hoping to purchase and plant 40 new trees for the site which are sponsored by Units, Districts, Divisions, volunteers, members, families, Guilds or anyone who is a friend of Girlguiding.

Listed in the attached document TREE TABLE – WEBSITE is the full provisional list of trees, the yellow highlighted ones are the first release trees we have identified that will ensure Hadlow Fields continues to have a diverse habitat that continues to support and attract new wildlife to the site. (N.B. Due to the very dry weather all planting has been put back to the Autumn.)

The likely planting location and purchase cost is also shown (this includes tree supports and label showing the sponsor). If there is a question mark then we’re awaiting costs. Please complete the online form and we’ll be in touch to confirm your tree is available to sponsor and how to pay.

We’ll be releasing the second batch of different trees in the Autumn, but you can still ‘reserve’ them if you wish!


40 Trees for 40 Years at Hadlow Fields

  • Please confirm the tree number & species from the list that you would like to sponsor
  • Please indicate the max amount you're willing to sponsor (please ensure you include the cost of a tree support & label) this allows us to offer alternatives if the tree you want has already been sponsored
  • Please write the EXACT words you want on the tree label