Hadlow Fields
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Edible Hedge Planted – Woodland Trust – April 2017

Edible Hedge Planted – Woodland Trust – April 2017

Did you know that the hedges help to support up to 80% of our woodland birds, 50% of our mammals and 30% of our butterflies. They enable wildlife to move through the countryside, protect soils from wind erosions and provide habitats for pollinators.

That’s why at Hadlow Fields thanks to the support of the Woodland Trust we have added a new ‘edible hedgerow’ in Cedar camp site.  The new hedge contains a mix of hazel, elder, crab apple, hawthorn, blackthorn and dog rose. Although only small saplings at the moment in the years to come as the hedge matures it will provide us with a supply of crab apples, hazel nuts, sloe berries and rose hips.

Our thanks go to the senior section girls of Pegasus Rangers (Bebington) for their hard work over the bank holiday weekend to get all the saplings planted, staked and rabbit protected.