Hadlow Fields
Campsite & Activity Centre
Message from the Hadlow Fairies

Message from the Hadlow Fairies

A special message has been received by our County President from the Fairy Folk at Hadlow

A letter popped through my front door

From the fairies at Hadlow, it fell to the floor

They wanted to know when they could play

With the Rainbows and Brownies on a hot Summers day?

I phoned them and said I was sorry,

A nasty virus has caused some worry!!

So we must stay indoors for now

Playing out at Hadlow we can not allow.

Oh dear oh dear the Fairies were sad,

This virus must be bad.

So what do you think we should do?

We miss the children and we miss you.

So we put on our bluebell thinking caps

and our little wings started to flap.

Yes we know what we can do,

We can fly round the County on a Bee or Cuckoo.

To see the girls and to tell them that,

To stay safe and be happy and to have a chat.

So Rainbows and brownies if you happen to see

A Fairy on a cuckoo or Bee

Don’t forget to stop and say

Hello Hadlow Fairy have a good day!!!