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Tales of Hadlow Part 2 – Camps

Tales of Hadlow Part 2 – Camps

The first camp at Hadlow was a leader’s camp in 1978, perhaps you were there? 
Or maybe you have attended the other county camps over the years including the year of the rain at WINC 93 when some sites were evacuated to Willaston school. Then there was WAVE ’98, WAVE 2003 and WAVE 2008 when not only were we visited by UK’s Chief Guide but we had Ghana’s Chief Guide on camp with us. 
And who could ever forget our centenary celebrations? 
The faces of those Rainbows & Brownies as they arrived at FUNFEST. 
Followed by GUIDEFEST with the carving of the totem poles, the mosaic workshop and the day to FUSION at Harewood House. Fantastic memories of whole county events.