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Tales of Hadlow

Tales of Hadlow Part 2 – Camps

The first camp at Hadlow was a leader’s camp in 1978, perhaps you were there?  Or maybe you have attended the other county camps over the years including the year of the rain at WINC 93 when some sites were evacuated to Willaston school. Then there was WAVE ’98, WAVE 2003 and WAVE 2008 when not Tales of Hadlow Part 2 – Camps

Tales of Hadlow Part 1

In 1978 Hadlow Cottage was little more than a gardener’s bothy with a derelict greenhouse and overgrown orchard.  By 1988 the cottage had been rebuilt and the greenhouse made into a lean-too shelter. By 1998 lighting had been added and then in 2000 Orchard shelter had been re-glazed, the floor renewed and a sink added Tales of Hadlow Part 1